Multicultural Ministries of the United Pentecostal Church

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The Multicultural Ministries of the United Pentecostal Church ( encompasses focused ministries to cultures/language groups, each dedicated to effective strategies for evangelism, discipleship, and training. The ministry currently has active ministries (including National Conferences for) into the African Immigrants , Amish-Mennonite, Chinese, Deaf, Filipino, French, Gypsy, Haitian, Korean, Middle Eastern, Native American, and Portuguese communities.

Multicultural Ministries provide materials and resources to help people reach into the many cultural groups of North America and also sponsors the multi-language literature website which you can use to reach precious souls in your community. The National Director of Multicultural Ministries is Rev. Donald Hanscom. The District (Colorado) Director for Multicultural Ministries is Kevin M. Shaw.

All Nations Sunday

Multicultural Ministries sponsors an "All Nations Sunday" ( every Fall to promote evangelism into every ethnic group in North America and more specifically in Colorado!

This year's "All Nations Sunday" will be on October 21, 2018! Please plan now for a multi-cultural celebration event at your church!! Souls!!