District Board

Rev. Marney Turpin
District Superintendent
Rev. Marney Turpin was elected District Superintendent at the 2014 District Conference. Previously, he served as Section 4 Presbyter and District Youth President. He is pastor of Universal Ministries of Truth in Colorado Springs. He is married to Sharon Turpin and they have two children.

Rev. Terry L. Plummer
District Secretary-Treasurer
Pastor Plummer was elected to serve as our District Secretary-Treasurer in April 2019. He is the pastor of Restoration Tabernacle in Longmont, Colorado. He is married to Darlene Plummer.

Rev. Michael Moran
Section 1 Presbyter
Pastor Moran was elected to served the Colorado District at the Section 1 Presbyter and represents the Western Slope of the State of Colorado. He is pastor of New Life Family Worship Center in Montrose and is married to Kristin Moran. They have three children.

Rev. Scott McDonald
Section 2 Presbyter
Pastor Scott McDonald was elected to the District Board in February 2015 as the district board representative from the northeast region of Colorado (Section 2). He is the pastor of Altitude Community Church in Fort Collins, Colorado. He is married to Nancy McDonald. (A picture is coming soon. )

Rev. Derwood Tate
Section 3 Presbyter
Rev. Derwood was elected presbyter of Section 3 (Metro Denver) in July 2015. He has previously served as District NAM Director and before that as Section 3 Presbyter. He is the pastor of The Upper Room UPC in Lakewood. He is married to Nancy Tate and has two children.

Rev. Edward Cantu
Section 4 Presbyter
Rev. Edward Cantu was elected to the District Board to serve Section 4 as Presbyter in June 2014; after having previously served as District Secretary-Treasurer.  He represents the southeastern region of Colorado, including the Colorado Springs area. He is pastor of Family Worship Center in Colorado Springs. He is married to Debra Cantu.