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District Conference 2017 Reports

The 2017 District Conference Reports have not yet been published.

District Conference 2016 Reports

District Superintendent’s Report

April 29, 2016

Colorado District Conference in Session
Breckenridge, Colorado

Dear Fellow Ministers,

Greetings to all of you in the wonderful name of Jesus Christ! As we come to this District Conference, I want us to concentrate and be focused together as “One Church, One Vision, and One Heart”. Together, we can accomplish goals in this district that are beyond measure. Greater is He that is in you! God wants to fulfill and do things in this hour that are unprecedented. Eph. 3:20 states, “Now unto him that is able to do exceeding abundantly above all that we ask or think, according to the power that worketh in us.” It’s time to step out beyond our imaginations! This is our hour, Colorado District! Together, we can continue impacting our communities and energize our district with revival! Last year’s District Conference was a great time of anointed worship and a revival spirit. I pray that this District Conference will continue as before to propel us to the next level that God intends for us to achieve!

Our departments have worked so hard in reaching their accomplished goals. We appreciate and give our churches honor in their giving of sacrificial offerings. Every dollar given, not only helps keep our departments running smoothly, but helps in spreading the gospel! Youth camps along with youth convention left an impression on our district youth. Men’s and Ladies Conferences brought record crowds and what anointing was displayed as God changed people’s lives. Sunday School department, your creativity has blessed our children during Campmeeting. Our Spanish ministries, along with Global Missions and North American Missions have also done an outstanding job! Your labor for the Lord will continue to bring blessings and it certainly always blesses our district! To those that are appointed to various ministries and committees in the district, we also give thanks to you for being on the team and fulfilling your assigned duties and tasks. I thank our departmental leaders and every leader in our District for another job well done this past year!

I also want to acknowledge our District Board and their leadership. Without the support of our District Board, we could not fulfill or accomplish all of the things that have been set before us. Your leadership and commitment has blessed the Colorado District as you have kept the vision before you and made decisions appropriately! My hat is off to you for your continued support, and thank you for being a servant!

Campmeeting 2016 was so refreshing as we enjoyed the ministry of Rev. Anthony Mangun and Rev. Nathan Scoggins. They left us inspired! Great men of God that followed the Holy Ghost and we left changed. I thank God for using these men to fulfill his purpose! This year under the anointing of Rev. Paul Mooney and Rev. Tim Gaddy, we expect to see another mighty move of God’s spirit! You will be challenged and impacted! We look forward to Campmeeting 2016, knowing that it will continue to impact our lives and our church families!

I want to thank all of our ministers and pastors who over the past two years who have engaged in our mission! We have seen an increase in daughter works and church plants. To God be the glory! Let’s continue in keeping our vision alive and work with great urgency until God returns! If God be for us, who can be against us! Let’s continue in a spirit of unity as we become “One Church, One Vision, and One Heart”! I pray every day for each of your families and your places of labor. We are nearing the end time hour, so together let’s work while it is day. I encourage you to stay in prayer and fasting as we fulfill God’s Commission! The mountain may seem high, but you have the power to conquer!

Your Servant in Christ,
Rev. Marney R. Turpin
District Superintendent
Colorado District

District Secretary-Treasurer’s Report

April 29, 2016

Precious Ministers of the United Pentecostal Church,

In this my seventh year, I count it a great privilege to serve each of you, our wonderful ministers and churches of the United Pentecostal Church in the Colorado District as your District Secretary-Treasurer. While I do believe that there are other qualified who are capable of doing this job, I am certainly glad to be part of the team!

Our combined efforts are making a difference for the Kingdom of God and for the United Pentecostal Church in our state. We are together a team, and each member is of great value. We value each other highly! Every soul, every minister, every church counts!

I wish to thank each of you for your prayers, labours, and financial support through Ministerial Dues or Tithe and various kinds of giving. We have 90 ministers and 50 church works.

I am very happy to report to you that not only did the General Fund have a positive “Net Operating Income” (even before the Departmental Assessment Fees), but also that the overall Balance in the General Fund has remained in the positive for the year.

I believe that we can pray a mighty revival of soul stirring conviction, of Holy Ghost outpouring, and a harvest of and discipling of souls (a torrential downpour of God’s Rain) down from Heaven into Colorado. Now is the time for a prayer-meeting birthed Apostolic Outpouring in Colorado. I challenge each minister and each church to pray for one another as we intercede for growth!

Let us labour together in Unity for the Master!!

In His Service and Yours,
Pastor Kevin M. Shaw
District Secretary-Treasurer

Global Missions Report


When Jesus said to believers, “Ye shall be witnesses” it was a command as well as a promise. We are commanded to be a witness of the glorious incarnation and the power of His most precious blood into all the world. He has promised to go with us and empower us as we respond to the commission of the Church. In this endeavor, heaven is not our goal, it is our destiny if we remain faithful. Our goal is to reach the lost with the only saving message.

The Global Missions department is our concerted effort to carry on the goal of Christ’s Church outside the North American region. To answer that challenge hundreds of dedicated ministering families have stepped forward to go overseas and carry the Gospel. Their dedication and burden for the lost is matched by our faithfulness and support in the form of prayers, letters, and funds.

Thank you for your support of Global Missions in the past year. Your faithful support of missionary partners makes it possible for 281 missionary families, 538 associates in missions and other workers, along with 50 regional missionaries to minister in 212 different nations and territories around the world. The Global Missions Department of the UPCI operates 388 Bible schools and conducted 773 seminars in 2015. At any given time as many as 25-30 missionary families will be traveling throughout North America to raise funds to support a tour on the foreign field. Thank you for all you do to help these kingdom workers reach their field of labor quickly.

To help speed the return of our missionary families to the field, the Global Missions Department recently launched the I Am Global program. Last year over 3.3 million dollars in cash and pledges was raised before and during General Conference. These funds helped to reduce the deputation terms of all missionary families that were targeted. In total 131 months of deputation were eliminated saving hundreds of thousands of dollars in expense both to the missionaries and to local churches. We hope to continue this trend in the current year.

The Global Missions Department will be reaching out to each pastor in 2016 in advance of General Conference to answer questions and to promote the I Am Global program. We are also asking that each church try to host at least one Global Missions service each year. I appreciate so much your burden and continued support for our missionaries and their work.

Nevin K. Bass
Colorado District
Global Missions Director

North American Missions Report

North American Missions supports the efforts of North American missionaries across our great nation as well as Canada. We have assisted in planting churches, daughter works, and preaching points throughout North America.

I am grateful for the support and co-operation of 90% of our churches again this year in our efforts to raise an offering for Christmas for Christ!

The offering received during the Christmas Season will help us to enlist, train, and support our current missionaries in their endeavor to establish churches in un-evangelized and under-evangelized areas both in North America and in Colorado.

We have much work to do for the cause of reaching the lost in Colorado. I pray that each pastor, minister and every church not only prosper in your work but that we all with a united desire and hearts filled with fervent love for the lost, are able to come together to establish preaching points and daughter works all throughout our State.

If you have a city or community in mind for a preaching point or daughter work project, please let me know so that I and the entire North American Missions Board will know how to pray and support you in your efforts.

God's richest blessing are ours, therefore let us "GO" as the Gospel instructs us into all the world baptizing and making disciples of all men in the Glorious Name Jesus!

Pastor Randall Cox
North American Missions Director
Colorado District UPCI

Youth Ministry Report

April 29, 2016

Greetings in the Precious Name of the Lord!

I first would like to thank all of you for your support you have shown the youth department in the last year. I also would like to thank the Youth Board for all their hard work they do for our young people. If you have worked with this generation you know how challenging it can be. They are fighting a battle that most of us didn’t have to fight when we were in middle school and high school. The Colorado District Youth Board are rising to the call to reach every young person in our State.

2015 was a great year for the youth department. Even when finances were down across the board we had our 3rd largest offering in the last 5 years. I want to thank you and your church for giving sacrificially to SFC.

“Youth fun night” at family camp. We had around 100 young people gathered together on Friday night of Family camp. We gathered together at the Family Fun Center. A few weeks after Family Camp we had our annual youth camp, where Rev. David Morehead ministered to us. Youth Camp was a life changing experience for those who were in attendance. God touched many hearts during all the services at camp. We cant thank you enough for allowing us to be a part of the youth of Colorado.

After youth camp we finished up our Sheaves for Christ campaign. Understanding that the economy has affected every family, pastor, and local church our SFC offering has been down the last few years. Even with this down economy the youth board and I believe that SFC is still worth giving to. We’re believing for a great year this year for our SFC offering. Our goal offering for 2016 is $40,000.00. We believe the Colorado District can meet this goal with 100% cooperation. On a side note the only way our missionaries buy vehicles is through SFC. It’s a cause worth giving to.

Finally, we closed 2015 with youth convention. It was one of the most amazing Youth Conventions I have been a part of. Bro Wayne Huntley preached and challenged everyone that was in attendance no matter the age. We had over 400 in attendance on Friday night with 17 young people receiving the gift of the HG. To God be the Glory!!!!

I want to personally thank every pastor and minister in this wonderful District for joining the vision that this youth department has. We do not take the opportunity to minister and serve the youth of Colorado lightly. I thank you in advance for your support of the youth department as we continue to reach for the young people of Colorado.

Thank you for all of your support!

Youth for the kingdom,
Tony Bohrer
Colorado Youth President

Sunday School Report


I would like to thank all the Pastors of the Colorado District for your continued support. Your giving and prayers continues to be a blessing to the children of our district. 50% of your offering stays here in Colorado to help with CPR rallies, Junior and Beginner Bible Quizzing and Junior Camp.

Also want to thank the Sunday School Board for all their hard work and commitment to Sunday School.

Thanks to our Beginner and Junior Bible Quizzing Director Bro. Shane Bigelow for doing an outstanding job of organizing quiz events, ordering material and trophies.

Junior camp was awesome again in 2015. Bro. John Lagas and family are committed to seeing children engaged in the services and receiving the Holy Ghost. Many of our children already had the Holy Ghost before camp but most of them signed the “Got it again” board.

Our thanks to all who helped decorate the room making it a fun place to be. We had our very own stage coach and a real saddle that everyone had to have their picture sitting on.

Save Our Children crusades are having a great impact on North America. Not only are children receiving the Holy Ghost but adults have also been filled with the Holy Ghost and baptized in Jesus Name. We can rejoice because we had a part in making this possible.

Your prayers and offerings have and will continue to make a difference in the lives of every child in Colorado.

Afton Bradley
Colorado District
Sunday School Director

Ladies Ministry Report

April 29, 2016

Ministers of Colorado District:

Greetings in name of Jesus! I give honor to the ministers of the Colorado District. It has been an honor to serve as your Ladies Ministries President. We have a wonderful committee, and for that, I am grateful. I would like to thank our Ladies Secretary, Sis. Kathy Shaw and our Ladies Committee for their hard work.

I also want to take the time to thank all of our pastors and wives for promoting and supporting our 2015 Mother’s Memorial Offering. I understand that it is a sacrifice, and I pray God blesses you for your giving! Our total offerings for Mother’s Memorial 2015 were $17,536.00 with 50% going to headquarters for the ministries we support! Your giving is a tremendous blessing!!!

This year for Mother’s Memorial, our theme is “Love In Any Language”. Our goal is to raise $20,000.00. We pray that your church will “lovingly” consider giving again this year. I would like to thank you in advance for your generous offering to Mother’s Memorial. It will happen if we work together as a district. I look forward to our increase!

“Beyond The Veil” was our theme for Ladies Conference 2015 at Embassy Suites in Loveland, CO. The services were well attended. We enjoyed our time together as God met with us in a powerful way. It was a very successful event.

This year’s Ladies Conference theme is “Step In”. Our evening speaker will be Dr. Janice Sjostrand. Sister Donna Linville is our daytime speaker. The Spanish speaker will be Sis. Tere De La Rosa along with Sis. Janice Sjostrand. Our date is set for July 28-30, at Embassy Suites. I am looking forward to a great year! There is a lot of excitement building already in our Ladies Ministries.

Once again, thank you for allowing me to serve you!

For His Kingdom,
Sharon Turpin
Ladies Ministries President

Men’s Ministry Report

This report was not available at the time of printing; but may be made available as a separate document at the District Conference.

Spanish Ministry Report

Saludos en el Nombre de Jesús!

Quisiera iniciar diciendo gracias al nuestro Señor y Cristo y a la Mesa Directiva por permitirnos trabajar como Departamento en este gran Estado de Colorado. El año 2015 fue el año donde nosotros experimentamos un incremento de nuevas obras hijas así como nuevos ministros para el evangelio. Nosotros contamos ahora con 18 ministros con licencia, 13 Iglesias hispanas activas, y tres obras hijas que estarán aplicando para obtener su licencia local

Todo esto no pudiera haber sido hecho sin la voluntad y bendición de Dios y el duro trabajo de nuestros pastores hispanos y ministros así como también aquellos que de alguna forma han contribuido con su tiempo y oraciones. Yo siempre estaré endeudado con la gente de Dios por su sobrecargada pasión y apoyo que han ofrecido para lograr los resultados que ahora estamos viendo

Nosotros estaremos trabajando duro y nos comprometemos a la dirección del Espíritu Santo y por el gran avivamiento profetizado para este Distrito.

Nuevamente, gracias por su amor, carga y deseo por esta noble causa para glorificar a nuestro Señor.

Dios les bendiga y recompense por todos sus esfuerzos.

Pastor Juan M. Acuña
Director Distrital y Supervisor Sur-Oeste SEM

Spanish Ministry Report

Greetings in the name of Jesus!

I would like to start by giving thanks to our Lord and Christ and to the District Board for allowing us to work as a Department in this great State of Colorado. The year 2015 was the year where we experienced a great increase of new daughter works as well as new ministers for the gospel. We now count with 18 Spanish licenses ministers, 13 active Spanish churches, and three daughter works that will be applying to obtain their local license

All this couldn’t be done without God’s will and blessings and hard work of our Spanish pastors and ministers and to those whom in some way have contributed with their time and prayers. I'll always be in debt with God's people for their overwhelming passion and support they have offered to accomplish the results that we’re seeing now.

We will be working hard and commit ourselves to the guidance of Holy Spirit and for the great revival that is prophesied to this District.

Again, thank you for your love, burden and desire for this noble cause to glorify our Lord.

God bless you and reward you for all your efforts.

Pastor Juan M. Acuña
District Director and Supervisor South-West SEM

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