Global Missions

Missionary Schedule


Mitch SayersFeb 13-18Europe, Middle East, Germany
 Midweek 14th or 15th 
 Sunday AM 18th 
 Sunday PM 18th 
Troy Wicket Feb 27-Mar 4Pacific, Solomon Islands, Fiji
 Midweek 28th or 1st 
 Sunday AM 4thTaken
 Sunday PM 4th 
Randy AdamsApr 24-29Regional Director for Africa
 Midweek 1st or 2ndAt District Conference
 Sunday AM 29thTaken
 Sunday PM 29thOpen
Daniel DeTempelMay 8-13Europe, Middle East, Republic of Georgia
 Midweek 9th or 10th 
 Sunday AM 3rd 
 Sunday PM 3rd 


Luke CampbellJul 25-30Costa Rica
 Midweek 26th or 27thOpen
 Sunday AM 30thBro. Hernandez
 Sunday PM 30thBro. Tate
Terry RiddickAug 15-20Cameroon
 Midweek 16th or 17thOpen
 Sunday AM 20thBro. Cantu
 Sunday PM 20thOpen
Fonzell MarchOct 31-Nov 5Japan and Military Ministries in Asia
 Midweek 1st or 2ndOpen
 Sunday AM 5thOpen
 Sunday PM 5thOpen
Amber HackenbruchNov 28-Dec 3Switzerland
 Midweek 29th or 30thOpen
 Sunday AM 3rdOpen
 Sunday PM 3rdOpen
Jonathan FollmerJan 16-21United Kingdom
 Midweek 17th or 18thOpen
 Sunday AM 21stOpen
 Sunday PM 21stOpen

The important work of coordinating and promoting Global Missions in our District is headed by Rev. Carl Sutter, who has a burden to see that UPCI Global Missionaries receive the support they need, and that our District continues in the vision of prayer and financial support for our Missionaries. He has just begun serving in this capacity in 2018. Bro Sutter is also the pastor of our church in Alamosa. Previously, Nevin Bass served in this ministry.


" ...Lift up your eyes, and look on the fields; for they are white already to harvest." The goal of the United Pentecostal Church is to send a missionary to every country.

Faith Promise is the key to helping every church get involved and increase our giving. Faith Promise is primarily a concept or plan to bring funds into the church to meet the needs of missions. Many church programs provide monies directly to a particular division and its promotion, such as Sheaves for Christ and Save Our Children. Faith Promise, on the other hand, seeks God's blessings on the funds, which come through the local church for distribution by the church and pastor to meet their own church obligations and support of missions at home and abroad.

Thank you pastors for taking calls and accepting Missionaries to minister in your local congregation, to present the need and burden for Global Missions. Thank you for your continued sacrifice for Global Missions. Paul encouraged us to not be weary in well doing: for in due season we shall reap. When you provide an offering, hotel, meals or PIM support you are investing in souls for eternity.