North American Missions

The District Board has adopted a District North American Missions Policy.
All pastors and ministers should download and read it. CONAMPolicy.pdf

North American Missions Director

Rev. Donald Napier was elected Director of North American Missions in 2019. Bro. Napier has a vision for missions in the State of Colorado includes starting new churches, daughter works, and preaching points. He previously served as the District NAM Secretary.

North American Missions Team

DirectorDonald Napier
SecretaryDonald E. Haymon, II
Section 1 DirectorHector Gonzalez
Section 2 Director Samuel Garcia
Section 3 DirectorEric Romero
Section 4 Director Sigfredo Ayala

North American Missions

The North American Missions' fundraising effort is "Christmas For Christ." Christmas For Christ Rallies are held in the District annually to promote the CFC fundraising effort. 

Colorado District North American Missions will be sending our Colorado North American Missionaries to a Conference in Mississippi this year.