Launch Your Ministry Team

LYM Coordinator: Marney Turpin
District Team Members: All Colorado District Department Leaders
Implementors: Every Pastor in the District

Colorado Launch Your Ministry Downloads:

What is Launch Your Ministry?

Launch Your Ministry is an effort to lead and inspire young men and women into ministry, and to give their leaders tools to effectively train them via web based training materials.

Launch Your Ministry strives to open doors for young men and women, moving them into active ministry by removing barriers to start churches, daughter works, evangelists, missionaries and preaching points.

Launch Your Ministry is an initiative designed to intentionally

  • Indentify
  • Train
  • Mentor
  • License
  • Send Forth

…young men and women into the ministry.

Launch Your Ministry is designed also to engage or re-engage currently Licensed Ministers who are not actively involved in ministry work at the present time.

Why do we need Launch Your Ministry?

The world is growing at an extremely rapid pace, and we are charged with preaching the gospel to the whole world. When a missionary goes into a new region, his primary goal is to develop his converts to become effective ministers to their own people, who know the culture, the language and pathways to the heart of people in their own culture, things that would take many years to teach an outsider. American youth culture needs young men and women who understand the cultural language through a Biblical perspective and can effectively speak enticingly to that culture about the impact of the gospel.

We lack the required number of young men and women to be effective into our future. Fifty percent of foreign missionaries will reach retirement age within ten years, there are churches in small communities across the country without pastors, and the un-churched are becoming a majority in North America.


Every pastor can believe for these four things. There are young men and women that he can link with to draw into a learning relationship. He can schedule time with them to teach effective ministry habits and skills. At some point, he will assist his men and women in applying for license with the United Pentecostal Church, International. Then he will help them launch out into ministry. This is accomplished through preaching points, daughter works, evangelists, Home Missions, AIM or Foreign Missions service.

This effort is God’s natural process. A father and mother births children, trains them, and sends them into life with the tools and support needed to succeed.

Where does Launch Your Ministry happen?

It starts in the local church as pastors schedule time to spend with their men and women who want to see ministry be effective.

It also starts in a district as the leadership sees the need for creating a culture of growth and creating within young men and women a vision of themselves as effective ministers. The leaders then remove barriers for growth, allowing daughter works, preaching points, evangelists and Home Missions churches to flourish.

When should you become involved in Launch Your Ministry?

Today!! The need for the gospel is never greater, and how shall they hear without a preacher? How shall he go unless he is sent? We need preachers sent today with the gospel. If you are a seasoned minister, then begin systematically training others to replicate and replace you. Time will replace us all, the only question is will we leave behind trained men who are able to shoulder the load, carry the burden and impact the world.

How can we accomplish this?

We are creating training paths online for pastors to lead their men and women through, developing effective ministry team members. We are creating video series that will lead your team step by step, with pastoral guidance, to being effective in ministry. This is a multi-year effort and new material will constantly be created and made available online to continue building resources to meet the challenges of the day.


Launch Your Ministry & Purpose Institute

Launch Your Ministry can equip local pastors to train young people for effective ministry. Purpose Institute will allow a local pastor to place a potential leader into Bible School type training. Both are available to the Colorado District.