New License Application Forms 2018:
The most current UPCI license applications which must be used is dated "Revised 2018" in the upper right hand corner of page 1 of the application! Your pastor, presbyter (or any licensed minister who has a login set up for can download any of these applications.  And the application may be downloaded from this District website as well.

Reading Requirements

New Reading Requirements

The General Board has recently made a significant change to the reading requirements for ministerial applicants who have not completed at least one full year of Bible College with theology as the "major." The United Pentecostal Church (including the Colorado District) will only accept the new requirements. These new requirements include excellent materials (training videos and ebooks) provided via

All applicants (whether they have had one year of Bible College or not) are required to read the Bible through each time they meet the District Board for licensing or license upgrade. They must also read the UPCI Manual. It is highly recommended that ministerial applicants pay special attention to Article VII in the UPCI Manual when reading it.

You must use the new, updated: 2017 Ministerial Reading Requirements.pdf   (Right Click to Download)

All License Applicants must read all of the classes (video, ebook, exam) indicated below, must preach 26 times during the six months prior to meeting the District Board, and must meet with his/her Presbyter to take an exam (this is true for all levels) and to discuss the exam results, the reading and preaching requirements and the filled out application with his/her Presbyter well before the Board Meeting!!   The filled out application must be in the hands of the District-Secretary 60 days prior to the Board Meeting!!   You should also obtain a Life Insurance Beneficiary Form , fill it out and bring it, two copies of a picture of you and your spouse and bring two checks to the Board Meeting.

Additional District Requirements

Written Exam: (New Requirement)
All applicants for ministerial license (or upgrade) will be required to take an examination (written test) from their Sectional Presbyter prior to meeting the District Board. Please speak to your Sectional Presbyter to schedule a time to do this. You will also be required (at the time of taking the written exam) to sign a form certifying that you have met all of the reading and preaching requirements and to ensure that you have filled out the application properly!

NEW Reading Requirements

The requirements for applicants who have not had at least one year of Bible College are provided through There is a course of study for each license level. Each course of study will include "classes." Each "class" will include a book (or ebook), some video lessons, and an exam. The levels/courses will contain the following...

Local License
ActsRobin Johnston
Biblical InterpretationDavid K. Bernard
GospelsJeffrey Brickle
History of the UPCIRobin Johnston
HolinessDavid K. Bernard
New BirthDavid K. Bernard
Oneness of GodDavid K. Bernard
PentateuchChris Paris
Preaching IJonathan McClintock
Spiritual DisciplinesJames Littles
General License
DiscipleshipStan O. Gleason
DoctrineScott Graham
Epistles of PaulJeremy Painter
EthicsRichard M. Davis
Gen. Epistles and RevelationJeffrey Brickle and Jeremy Painter
Historical BooksChris Paris
History of DoctrineDavid K. Bernard
Leadership IEugene Wilson
Preaching IIJerry Jones
Principles of MinistryDavid K. Bernard
ChristologyDavid Norris
Church AdministrationCarlton L. Coon
Church GrowthDavid K. Bernard
The End TimeDavid Norris
Leadership IIEugene Wilson
Pentecostal HeritageRobin Johnston
ProphetsDavid Johnson and Jared Runck
Psalms and Wisdom LiteratureJeremy Painter
RomansDavid K. Bernard
Spiritual GiftsDaniel Segraves