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Karla (Gordon) Trevino

Emergency: Please pray for Rev. Karla (Gordon) Trevino.  She is in the hospital. She has a "tumor" on her spine.  She has a lesion/mass in the thoracic level 3 area which is causing spinal canal stenosis.  This is causing pain and numbness.  There are other spots (in the thoracic spine?) which may or may not be masses.  More MRI's of the neck and back will be conducted and evaluated.  Surgery is planned very soon.

David T. Lee

Please pray for Reverend David T. Lee who has had surgery on his feet.  He is in Swedish Hospital. 
Update: Brother Lee has been transferred to Presbyterian St. Luke's Hospital.

Marilynn Hicks

Please pray for Sister Marilynn Hicks (wife of Pastor George Hicks of Boulder, Colorado.  She is having knee replacement surgery this coming Monday morning, May 13, 2013. 

Pastor David Wasserburger

Calling all the saints of God to emergency prayer for Pastor David Wasserburger... Mother Gordon called me (April 11, 2013) to let me know that he is really not doing well!! Following his recent liver transplant surgery, his situation is very serious and (as I understand it) deteriorating. Please join me before the Throne of Grace to pray earnestly for our precious brother!!

Update:  The CT scan the hospital performed on Pastor Wasserburger did not apparently show any problems to be concerned with.  Sister Wasserburger says that he is a little stronger and better today (April 12, 2013) and that he sat up in a chair and even went for a short walk.  He is still weak but has improved. Let's Keep Praying!

Dennis West's Father

I recently spoke with Pastor Dennis West, who was re-elected Section 1 Presbyter this past Saturday because his 96 year old father, Derek West, has passed away. Brother West's father received the HG recently in a wonderful miracle. Please join me in praying for the Lord's comfort for Pastor West.

B. E. Hale's Nephew

Bishop Hale's nephew, Doug Pierce, suddenly passed away of a massive heart attack. He was a minister and in the church in Little Rock. Please pray for his family. His widow is devastated. Please pray for the family and Pastor and Sister Hale! 

Pastor James Johnston

Please continue to pray for Pastor James Johnston for his healing!

New Churches in Colorado

Please pray for Colorado's church planters (new churches) pastors and their wives, families, and new converts. Also, please pray that more new churches will be launched and that our existing churches will grow!

For Growth and Revival!

Also, please pray for the churches (new and old) that are nearest you (to the North, to the South, to the East, and to the West of you)!  Let's pray for a Prayer Meeting Birthed Revival and Outpouring in the Colorado District!!  

District Conference and Campmeeting

Let's also pray for our District Conference and for a powerful move of the Spirit at Campmeeting!!

Project Fort Morgan

Please pray for Project Fort Morgan! For the Lord to send forth laborers into this harvest field, and for the hungry souls of Morgan County. Pray for the new pastor, Donald Napier and others who are working on this project. Please for the funds and the favor to get the building ready for revival!!