Colorado District Senior Youth Camp

Please make note that this year's Senior Youth Camp will be in June not in July (as in previous years)!!

Online Preregistration CDYM Youth Camp Registration

Youth camp begins Wednesday, June 15th at 8:00PM and concludes Saturday, June 18th at 11AM.
The location is Ponderosa Retreat Center.

Our guest speaker this year is Amado Huiza.

The cost of registration per person is $175 (or $160 if you choose not to "rapel"), or $20 per person, per service for unregistered attendees. There is no free admission! This includes counselors.

This year, a ropes course is available at an additional cost of $15 per person, bowling is available for $5 per person, and as always, the skate park is available for free.

Notice to pastors and youth leaders, we desire that you seek to send at least one counsellor for every seven campers that you send. This will be a great help and a blessing.